The Word from the Couch

 Hi folks,

It’s been a hectic holiday month for me, as I’m sure it has for many of you. . . first a week in Mexico, and then a week with family in Chicago, then coming home to Utah and parties and New Years and gigs…whew! It’s been lively!

So my body, recognizing that it could finally mellow out, has in no uncertain terms told me to CHILL, or risk more drastic measures. Thus, I’ve been living and working and Tivoing and resting on the couch for the last three days. I must say: it’s been delightful! Fluffy down comforter, hot tea, kleenex with lotion, a new Self Magazine, wireless laptop access and a whole bunch of Oprahs and Law & Order Criminal Intents on the TiVo. How much better that this does it get?

Like every year, I have some resolutions . . .
to invite and nurture more JOY! into my life through the people and activities that I love,
to honor my body with more consistently healthful eating and exercise,
to create a more clear and peaceful home and office environment,
to write and call the people I love more often,
and devote daily time to meditation and my most interesting creative project

I can’t say I’m off to a terrific start.

Having written down my wishes and intentions with the New Moon on December 30th, and stated my resolutions, I’m ready to go. Mentally, I’m jammin, baby! But alas, here I am on the couch . . . not doing much, umm, implementing. It’s irritating to not feel healthy enough to immediately (today!) start a more hardcore exercise routine, or energetic enough to really dial in on some creative projects or start clearing out some of the excess stuff around the house that’s clogging the chi.

But I’m feeling better today. I’ve tried to listen to my body and it’s been happy to rest. I wrote a long email to my Mom yesterday and one to my Japanese host family from high school today. I worked for a couple hours on a music project that’s still in its embryonic stage…it’s starting to flesh out bit by bit.

So maybe I’ll add one more resolution to the list — following Brett’s lead — which is to Be More Gentle with Myself. That’s a harder one than it seems, sometimes. It’s a big busy life we’re all trying to lead these days…perfect homes, perfect bodies, perfect relationships, perfect families, perfect successful careers, perfect spirituality! How nuts is this? If we were all perfect at everything, what a robotic colorless monotonous world we would inhabit.

And I like my world full of surprises, delights, progress, journeys, colorful characters, silliness, and mysteries to ponder. So I will try like THE DICKINS to make changes in my life that bring me more joy and comfort, and I will do it day to day and with as much love for myself and the people and situations in my life as I can gather.

5 Things I’m Thankful For in Reflecting on the Holiday:
1. The beautiful decorations that my Mom puts up in my childhood home every year
2. The gorgeous weather and comfortable, peaceful times on the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico
3. The delicious foods and drinks that we all shared at so many lively, entertaining meals
4. Thoughtful, fun, and generous gifts
5. Old traditions and new connections, old friends and new progress

Have a good day. I’ll be here on the couch. !
:-) mb

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