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Booking MB for a Show Near You

 Here's where you can find info about house concerts and getting Mary Beth booked at a venue near you.  Thanks!


One-on-One Coaching

Are you close to making a leap of faith (or a breakthrough to the next level) of songwriting or performing?  Mary Beth does one-on-one coaching for emerging (and established) songwriters and performers, but also those interested in pursuing creative endeavors such as writing, acting, or art/craft making who wish to improve their skills and commercial presence.  Click on Mary Beth Maziarz Coaching for more information.  


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TV, Films, & Concert Videos

Concert Clips
Miss the feeling of live shows?  Head to YouTube for clips of MB performing  "True Believer" or "Circle of Desire".  There are also many character tribute videos of songs she did for Dawson's Creek and other great shows.  

Mary Beth has presented at several TedX Park City events in the past decade.  Here are two of her favorites:

 "In 2012, I spoke at TedX Women about the life-changing power of music, and the responsibility of inspiration -- how we might reconsider our creative urges as a duty and gift, not merely an indulgence to allow ourselves only  when the  'real work' of life is all done.   We need not be creative Cinderellas...right, people!?  Let's own our potential greatness!  The official title is Creativity in Pop Music," by Mary Beth Maziarz."

"I was invited to present at TedX Youth in was just when social media was beginning to surge and there was a LOT of awareness of likes and shares and online friend counts and how those metrics were making us all feel.  I challenged the high school audience to be very conscious about how early they invited judgement (even if approving) into their creative processes, and to trust that there may be many versions of themselves that would emerge in the years to come. I hope you like it. Watch the talk here:  Self-Expression and Re-Invention by Mary Beth Maziarz. "

Broken Hearts Club
If you happened to be at Sundance back in January of 2000, you may remember the first feature film by Greg Berlanti, called "Broken Hearts Club."  Starring well-known actors like Zack Braff,  Dean Cain, John Mahoney, Timothy Oliphant, Nia Long and many others, the groundbreaking film also featured Mary Beth performing multiple Karen Carpenter songs, including "Close To You."

Bianca Wege Zum Gluck
Mary Beth's song "True Believer" was the theme song to this popular daily German telenovela several years ago.  Thank you to all the European fans who wrote letters, comments, and sent in orders -- you are the ones who made the show a hit and it was such a pleasure to get to know so many of you!  Love rules!

Music for Kids

Click HERE for information about  "Crab Cove",  a great TV show tie-in album of original songs that Mary Beth wrote and recorded a few years ago.   The hybrid live-action and animated series inspired a terrific project!