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hi everybody!  I did a fun homespun show on Saturday May 23rd on Facebook Live for Park City Institute (with help from lots of other great local folks, like Mountain Town Music and Randy Barton).  It's now posted to watch -- you'll see some great old favorites, a couple classic covers, and even a brand new song.   I'm hoping to make a tradition of kicking off the weekend with a few live songs for you all on Fridays, so let me know if you have any requests!  I'm including a tip jar here (right below this info) in case anyone's might be inclined to send a 'very special hello' after watching the show or with their song suggestions for future virtual concerts.  Thanks in advance, you lovely people!

Here's the link to watch the show:

I apologize to those who had a little trouble logging seems to be a little tricky.  But we're all learning.  :)

Best wishes everyone and I hope you enjoy the show!

xoxox mb