Crab Cove DVDs and Music CD

Last fall, Mary Beth was approached by the producers of a new animated series called Crab Cove...they were producing a fun, eco-friendly series for kids based on the books of Suzanne Tate and wondered if Mary Beth would be interested in creating songs and score for the show.  Well, little Daisy was still a bun-in-the-oven, so Mary Beth thought, "Sure! Sounds like fun!"  The project slowly came to life, and by the time they were ready for some tunes, Daisy was a four month old baby, hanging out on the floor of the living room as MB wrote the songs on guitar and piano.  Her little legs kicked up a storm as the songs found their rhythm and flow.  

Now ready to launch, Crab Cove promises to be a lot of fun (and a show that parents can feel good about their kids watching).  The messages are ecologically sound and yet not preachy, the characters are sweet and goofy and flawed (like most of us).   Visit the official site for games, community, and lots more information:

Album tracks, music CD, episode DVDs, and other Crab Cove fun stuff will soon be available through this site. Please check back in late June for updates on products and kids shows over the rest of the summer.  Thanks!