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Now You're Here<br />
<br />
They tell you all good things come to those who wait<br />
But don&rsquo;t you hesitate -- lest you get lost<br />
And it&rsquo;s a sticky line between choice and fate<br />
It intimidates you -- with the cost<br />
<br />
For oh so long I&rsquo;ve kept these signal fires burning on the shores<br />
While my heart got knocked around a little more<br />
<br />
But now you&rsquo;re here --- and everything&rsquo;s alive<br />
Stars are clear --------- and perfectly aligned<br />
There are signs around you when destiny is finally drawing near<br />
And they&rsquo;re showering down &lsquo;cause baby now you&rsquo;re here<br />
<br />
I want to touch you, feel you, make you part of me<br />
Show you what I see -- take apart the world<br />
I want to know your intimate reality<br />
Your deepest ecstasy -- unfurled <br />
For oh so long I fought the good fight, believing what I knew <br />
That someday all the stories would come true<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
<br />
Every moment goes around slow with such a lush intensity<br />
The kind of depth that shakes me to my knees<br />
And just below the surface there&rsquo;s a nervous bursting symphony<br />
Crying out to somehow be released<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
<br />