The songs are IN YOU

Have you always felt that you'd like to express yourself through song?  Perhaps you're a writer, poet, musician, hobbyist, student, or creative type with some experience in songwriting or performing already, but you'd like a little guidance as you jump into the process a little deeper.  Or maybe you're already on your way to writing strong songs and having a powerful stage presence, but you still feel that there might be slight adjustments that could make a big difference in your writing and performing skills.   

Whether you're intending to write your first song or your thousandth, Mary Beth can help you find (or remember) the fun in the process, use your life experiences to create depth and significance in your songs, and discover how to present it (whether yourself or through another performer) in a way that will help other people connect with it and appreciate its message.  

Coaching can take place in person, by phone, or by email, and is customized to each client's specific goals and desire.  Coaching sessions can be one-time "polishes," a short series focusing on a couple critical areas, or more in-depth long-term guidance to help you accomplish what you wish.  

Areas of focus can include:
-- Covering the basics of the craft of songwriting and defining what makes a song feel successful to you
-- Taking your writing (and/or stage presence) from "okay" or "good" to "great"
-- Accessing more consistent sources of inspiration for your songs
-- Feedback on current lyrics or songs-in-progress
-- Disarming the self-critical voice that sometimes holds you back
-- Guidance in creating a custom song for a special birthday or anniversary
-- Exercises to help you connect with audiences or listeners at a deep, meaningful level
-- How to get your music heard by music supervisors for film and tv
-- Resources and contacts to help you reach the next level of presence in the music industry
-- How to move out of the talking & thinking phase of creativity and inspiration and into the Do it NOW! vibe

Coaching Rates

Single Session in person or by phone (1 hr-1:15, taped if desired):  $100  
Also included in Single session coaching:  one week post-coaching email support, 5 pages of worksheets and info.
(In-person sessions available in certain Utah (and sometimes Illinois) areas.  Other regions by special arrangement).  

Six Week Leap (six sessions by phone or in person, unlimited email support):  $500
Also included in Six Week Leap:  20 page workbook of exercises, info, and resources.  

Season to DO IT!  (twelve sessions by phone or in person, unlimited email): $1000.

Also included in Season to DO IT! :  40 page workbook of exercises, information, and resources.  

Payment plans available via Square or PayPal.

To set up your coaching session or series now, contact Mary Beth directly by email.   Thanks!

Write to also find out about group discounts and day or weekend long 
songwriting-intensive-camps for four or more participants.