Art, Passion, & Purpose...

Lost in "LOST" 

In August of last year, my husband Mark and I pulled the first season of the TV show “Lost” off our DVD shelf. It had entered our lives via Ashley  --  a sweet, but unreliable babysitter we’d had a few summers ago  --  who thought we might like it and had brought it over for us to check out.   The set of DVDs became marooned on our media bookcase when she inexplicably stopped coming (and answering texts) one day.

So, with our three-year-old asleep (and both of us surprisingly still awake and alert one…Read more

The Agony and Ecstasy of Durable Creating 

Daisy and I have been drawing pictures on the iPad before she goes to bed at night. She loves to turn off all the lights and set the background to black on the Fingerpaint app, so the bright lines of our drawings are the only illumination in the room. My mind wanders as we make our digital fingerpaintings. Isn’t this amazing? Isn’t it wild, how the tips of our fingers can create an image as they glide across the sensitive screen? Could we have imagined even a few years ago how easily we might save,…Read more

Confession: CHAOS 

My life is a mess.   Okay.  I've said it.   Is a music/creativity blog the right place to let this spill out?  I'm not sure.  But the theme here is "Art, Passion, and Purpose," all of which are being heavily affected by the current tornado-like state of my life.   Ohhh honey.  There's a big old mess going on.  

Environmentally, mentally, emotionally, physically. . . everywhere I look, there is STUFF needing action, consideration, resolution.  It's like a paper monster has thrown up all over my life,…Read more

Making the Hard Stuff Look Easy, and the Easy Stuff Hard 

I saw singer/songwriter guitarist Michael Kelsey play at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City a few weeks ago, and the experience is still resonating with me. We went on a last-minute whim, invited by friends who had extra tickets. Front row tickets, as it turned out! -- Thanks M & K!

If you're not familiar with Michael Kelsey's music -- or should I say, The Michael Kelsey Experience? -- he's a force majeure. With incredibly skillful guitar-playing, percussive popping/slapping/tapping on the guitar,…Read more

Summer shows, letting it flow. . .  

I'm practicing up for the summer shows that start on Saturday night at The Homestead in Midway, thinking about how much my hands and voice retain in muscle memory, how much I need the work and polish that practice brings. . . 

I miss my old piano friend -- I haven't been playing very much lately.  Daisy seems to sense the importance of the piano in my life and respond accordingly to the attention which shifts away from her when I practice.  She'll usually immediately ask that I play her a song that she can…Read more

Movin' and Shakin' 

At the "Movers and Shakers" workshop in San Francisco with Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy. . .so much info to think about.  Nice people!  I've met such nice, fascinating movahs and shakahs so far.   Great to meet you Erin, Maggie, Maureen (Reeny), Joy, Carol, and Michelle.  

I got the book cover from Greg for "Kick-Ass Creativity" last night -- so exciting!  It looks great!  I'm carrying it around in my purse like a nerd, pulling it out to show anyone who looks even possibly interested in it.  I'm pretty…Read more

girl without her piano! 

Getting ready for tomorrow night's ArtTalk with the Kimball Art Center.  It's funny how different this feels than when I prepare for a show.  I've been putting together setlists and players and gear checklists for so long that it's second nature.  This feels a lot harder!

Mark's experiences with Toastmasters has made me really sensitive to things like how many times I use 'umm' or 'uhh' in between real words.  And Tim Koegel's (great) book on presenting that I read awhile back is making me wonder if I will…Read more

ArtTalk next week! 

I'm pretty excited to be speaking at the Kimball's Art Talk series next Thursday night.  It's only supposed to last about 1 to 1.5 hours, so I have some serious compressing to do in order to cover what I'd like to do.  

Turned in the final galley edits to my book today.  It looks amazing.  Not too many last minute changes, which will make a whole multitude of people in the production editing office happy, I think.  It's tough, though, letting go of your babies . . . sending them off on their ways to become…Read more

Mad Men and New Moons 

For a new moon Sunday, I can't say things kicked off to a stellar start.

Lillian kicked my butt at Scrabble.  Three games won, she spared me more trouncing by packing up the board and calling it a night. Meant to get over to Ulta to check out the latest step-up-from-the-drugstore cosmetics, but fell asleep during meditation instead and slept for two and a half hours.  In jeans.  (But it was a nice nap!)  Daisy's calling me right now -- sweetly, but loudly --  "Mommmmmy.....Mommmmmmy...."   I remember when…Read more

Why Blog? How often to Blog? Blah Blah Blog?? 

Mark and I were talking on the way down in the car yesterday about blogging, and where it shakes out in the big picture of stuff to do and ways to connect with people.  I've decided that I might do better to write more often with less fanfare, less wring-the-depths-out-of-my-spirit about the whole thing.  So that's the new plan. 

Sometimes I read too many blogs/tweets/facebook posts in a row that have no apparent cultural or newsworthy value, and I start wondering why why why? are all these people feeling…

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