Heber, ArtsFest, and Lake Barkley...

Hi ho, those who tried to come out and enjoy the music last Thursday night in Heber City, UT…the rain and wind got the better of us, and the show got cancelled. We’re so sorry! It was going to be the first band show since Daisy became a member of our gang, and she was ready to rock! We ended up having a nice catch up meal at the Spin Cafe — which was great! Gelato in Heber! — but were disappointed not to get to play. Next time… (or maybe not — a few years back, the same thing happened!)

Artsfest show on Saturday was terrific! Thanks everybody for coming out. It was terrific to see so many familiar faces in the audience — singing along, helping keep me on track with my own lyrics! We did a few songs we hadn’t done in a while — U2’s All I Want is You, for one — and had a blast. Mark and Daisy ran a tight ship over at the CD table, with the help of Cathy King, and our friends Ryan (and Susie and Lia) kept spirits high and the schedule running on time by being a step-in roadie…thanks everybody!

Coming up, we have a show on Wednesday Aug 22nd at Deer Valley (7- 8 p.m.) and a cool show at The Homestead on Saturday, Aug 25th. Both shows — in grand summer tradition — are Free! Sweet! The DV show will feature my Wild Honey band, and the show at the Homestead will be a different set up — lovely — with Violinist Aaron Ashton and percussion by Daniel Day. Hope you’ll be able to join us.

We’re here in Cadiz, Kentucky, for an annual family vacation at Lake Barkley. We’ve been coming here since I was a kid. I remember stages of life taking place here — fishing off the dock when I was a little kid, roller skating loops around the lodge arc and doing arts & crafts with the recreation crew when I was a grade schooler, trying to be cool and going out for boat rides with found friends when I was a teenager. It’s strange to be an adult here. I feel like everything is smaller. I’m not as good at the (same) video games in the Game Room as I used to be. (Galaga, Pole Position — classics!) Different rhythms seem to rule our days, different forms of entertainment guiding the evenings.

It’s a little tough, finding harmony amongst all the different age groups — we now range from 4 months to 67 — we all seem to have different agendas. Getting the deepest tan, finding the perfect buzz, keeping the baby content, relaxing and reading, having meaningful connective conversations with busy family members. Sometimes it’s been easy — we went out on a pontoon boat yesterday afternoon and had a great time, today at the pool Chris and I were playing and singing a little, which was so much fun. (We were resuscitating some old Ray Charles tunes.)

It’s harder than it used to be to have everybody here for the whole time. Work schedules, puppies, weddings — life — makes it more complicated to get together. Dena, Brad, Billy, and Peggy left this morning, Chris has gigs, Laura has work this weekend, Susan is mad because my parents had to put their collective foot down about her friend heading home, keeping it a family vacation. For some reason, she’s decided this is my fault (my “third parent” status as the oldest child probably putting me into the meanie category) and so she’s not speaking to me. Good times. We’ve joked a few times that we’d make an excellent reality show. No producers necessary — just bring the cameras. Plenty of drama, plenty of excitement, plenty of hysterical moments.

It’s hot as hell. With a wall of humidity that hits you with whomping force. Jumping in the pool helps for a moment, but the bathwater-warm pool temperature leaves you more pruny than refreshed. So mostly, we’re hanging here in the suite with the air conditioner cranked, catching up on the news, magazines, and each other.

10 adults and one baby on top of each other on a family vacation. Priceless.  

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