Chex Mix and Other Signs of the Season

Hmm, I’m mellow and happy…just having spent the last couple hours in the kitchen, making all kinds of dishes for tomorrow…like mashed potatoes with rosemary, thyme, sour cream & garlic, the gotta-have-it green bean casserole with those crispy onion things on the top (does anyone buy those at any other time of year?), a cauliflower gratin dish that Lillian made taste delicious (but mine is still a little sketchy at this point), and of course, THE CHEX MIX! With M&Ms! I’ve sampled my efforts so many times that I feel a little pre-Thanksgiving fullness settling in. And I would love to correct my now plummeting blood sugar levels with a once-a-year Dr. PEPPER! but I’m trying to resist. Nothing worse than that 3 a.m. “why the hell did I have to have all that caffeine” argument with yourself.

Mir’s doing the big stuff, including two turkeys…one in the oven, and one deep-fried, southern style, just because it’s always fun to see how close to burning down the house one can get without actually doing it, and everyone else is bringing wonderful dishes to share and make the meal complete. There is some talk of deep fried sweet potatoes too. (I must admit, I’m curious.) Dena and Brad have fond memories of their Fry Daddy (back two years ago when they were inexplicably both gaining weight like crazy); perhaps I should rescuscitate their Deep Fried Snickers recipe. (Or perhaps not….)

I’m feeling a little drained…it seems to be taking so much effort lately to do such basic things. I’ve been working on reorganizing my office and workflow, trying to get in regular workouts (sometimes it’s working, sometimes not), still trying to unpack from the last three trips (Chicago, San Diego, and LA) and as always, pursuing a clear, clutter free environment in which to create things and enjoy life. All in all, probably worthwhile efforts. . . just a lot more effort than reward at the moment.

But there are still gifts … beautiful, extra warm and sunny days of autumn that have snuck in where it should be winter, lovely house concerts & private shows around the country after the large shows and festivals of summer have ended for the year, my new Dymo labelmaker which I’ve got to say, does make organizing things much more fun, and of course, the Chex Mix. So very, very good. At this point, we’ll be lucky if ANY of it makes it to a Thanksgiving event.

Five Things I’m Thankful For Today:
1. the opportunity to support dear friends like Susan and Patrice
2. the pure enjoyment of a delightful lunch and mani/pedi with Stephanie
3. the responsiveness of the universe: ask, and it often delivers! In this case, helpers…!
4. the fun of cooking…just quick, easy, guided creation, baby!
5. the nice evening we have planned with close friends tomorrow

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