Alive and well, with some big news...!

Well, hello hello my dear friends…! I’m so sorry for the long silence…it’s been a fascinating journey over the last several months and I’m afraid it just consumed me in a way I never would have expected. It’s beyond anything I’ve experienced before in both magical and daunting ways.

We’re having a BABY.

I guess part of me hesitated in talking about it here, feeling that many of you aren’t in the stage of life where you’re having kids, or it would be weird and non-musical to discuss it, or just that it might change the way you feel about me in some way (because I know sometimes it’s changed the way I see my friends). But I can’t NOT share about it anymore. It’s too big (and so am I!) to keep under wraps, it’s too fascinating and lovely and I would really love to share some of the thoughts and moments that are coming up throughout the process with you.

One of the more pertinent aspects of this new phase of life is that it’s got me thinking about Children’s Music. I’ve always thought that I might like to do a kids music album someday, and people have asked me about it at concerts in the past. Well, now feels like the perfect time. I’ve begun writing songs for it, and they’re flowing really well. I’m realizing that there is a great opportunity to affect kids and parents through music — remember “Free to be You and Me”?! — and that I may have a unique message to offer. All those hours that you spend in the car…wouldn’t it be cool if parents found themselves not only tolerating the music their kids like, but being moved by it too? Can I do this? I hope so. We’ll see. Hopefully our latest release will be here in early April as planned, and the kids project will start coming to fruition by this summer. I imagine I’ll need to do some playful market testing with my core kids audience…so maybe this year’s summer shows will have a brand new component!

Thank you to all of you who have written in to say hello or to make sure all was well….I also want to apologize for the ridiculous forum problems we’ve had with spam over the past few months. I finally had to pull it for lack of time to moderate the hundreds of non-pertinent messages that were popping up every day. We’ll find another way to communicate and continue the great sense of community and sharing that you’ve all created.

On a final note, I’m now a MAC USER! Whoo hoo! and it’s so cool! I’m currently working on ways to provide photos here, demo songs, a podcast, and other things that always seemed more than a little out of my technical reach. I’m clearly going to be a fixture at the Apple Store (I’ll be the one with the buddha belly) as I learn more about how to do all this cool stuff.

Best wishes, everybody, and again, I’m so sorry for the long quiet period. It feels great to be back!

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