Q: How do I know if I need a license? Can't I use any song I want for promotional or personal use?
A. No. If you're synching music to images or creating a compilation CD, even if you're giving it away, a license is required. Here's more information about license legality and requirements.

Q: How much does it cost for me to license one song? How long does the license last?
A: $90 USD covers the license for one year from date of payment. Most music libraries and companies charge 5-10 times this amount. Jump to single song agreement/payment page.

Q: Can I do a perpetual contract? I don't want to deal with renewing.
A: Sure. Perpetual term contracts are non-exclusive and have a fee of $250 USD. Jump to perpetual term contract agreement/payment page.

Q. I'm a professional photographer. How many times can I use the licensed song on a client video or presentation?
A. You may use it on as many client projects as you want under your one-year license agreement.

Q. What happens when the one-year license expires?
A. We'll check in and remind you about renewal via e-mail. You can either renew your license or discontinue your use of that particular song.

Q. If I let my license expire, what do I do about the DVDs that I've made or given to my clients?
A. Nothing. They can continue to enjoy those presentations indefinitely. But you may not make any new presentations (unless you renew your license).

Q. If my license is expired, do I have to take the song off my web site?
A. If the music provides the background music for the website (or portion of a
website) which promotes your business, this is an "ongoing commercial use". You will have to renew your license, or replace the song with something you can use legally.

Q. Are there other songs not published or posted here?  Can I commission a custom song?  
A. Yes. Mary Beth has other tracks of different types available by request.  Click here to contact us with the mood, length, and usage of the music you’re hoping to find and we’ll respond with sample tracks for your consideration.  Contact Mary Beth for details on a custom song package for a special gift or event.  Fees for custom songwriting (includes a professional recording and personal reproduction rights) begin at $2500 USD.