See Mary Beth at the PC Songwriters Fest 9/14/19!

*Come hear MB at Flanagan's at 3 p.m. Saturday 9/14!*

In-the-round set with Carver Louis and Morgan Snow - 438 Main St., Park City.

Have you heard about all the insanely talented and accomplished songwriters in Park City this weekend??  If you're late to the party -- and it's understandable if you are, with the kids going back to school and recent torrential rains and whatnot -- there's an amazing festival happening Sept 12-14th right here in town!  I know your life is full, but trust me: it is 100% worth the hustle for you to come out and hear some of these fantastic writers singing their songs, sharing hardwon wisdom, and collaborating on the fly.  You'd normally have to travel to Nashville and stand in long lines or go camp in some dustbowl in rural Texas to get to hear so many incredible songwriters over two days.  You'll experience the songs, of course, but also stories, laughs, serious skillzz, and history, as these americana, country, and pop treasures perform in five "listening room" venues around Main Street.  Shows run all afternoon and into evening on Friday and Saturday, wrapping up with headliner shows both nights that you won't want to miss.  As well as MB at Flanagan's on Saturday at 3 p.m.  Cuz she's your girl and you know her.  (Fyi -- mb's appearance is not listed on the official schedule, but it's happening.)

Get info and last minute e-tix at:****Enter the code  SUPPORTINGLOCAL  for 20% off!****

Hi ! Welcome !

Thanks for comin'!  Here's my story.  Lately I'm:
-- wrapped up watching the final season of Orange is the New Black yesterday. Bye bye Pipes! 
-- lying low (see: OITNB binge reference) while recovering from a back-to-school knock out sickie spell.
-- cooking hot breakfasts, cuz I'm like that when still in September-Mom mode.  French toast, Kodiak Power Cakes. Yeah!
-- settling into the pickup line for school niiiiice and earrrrrly.  Yep.  Me time comes in many forms. 
-- hiking and walking in the forest, feeling ideas and solutions and possibilities swirl around like sprites and fairies
-- making patchwork/scribbled/paint splattered jeans from the weird pairs that just don't cut it on their own
-- prepping for a fab winter season of new music, old friends, and playing in gorgeous, awe-inspiring places
-- reading Jon Acuff's fab book "Finish" and am highlighting the whole. dang. thing. He has my number. And yours.
-- listening to Bonnie Raitt's version (of Richard Thompson's) "Dimming of the Day"
     and AJR's "Sober Up" (late, but I just got obsessed with Rivers Cuomo so let's rock)
-- gearing up for trenchcoat season, cocoony sweaters, butternut squash soup, and power-of-8 meditations resuming
-- developing a tv series (does that make the process sound more glam than 'hacking to life'?)
-- prepping to launch an official outlet for my creative coaching/consulting work.  News coming soon!
-- witnessing (with awe) the growth, wit, and compassion in our kids...
    plus admiring Daisy's menagerie of wildlife (now with bees!) and Foster's minecraft kingdoms
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The happy-go-lucky unscheduled tumble of summer has started shifting to a crisp, autumn vibe.  Pumpkin spice and salted caramel mochas are back, it's chilly in the mornings, the kids are all about Halloween costumes and pumpkins, and the winding forest paths are carpeted with pinks and yellow-oranges and reds. It's always around this time that I pull out those weird clothing items that seem like a good idea for one minute but then never seem to settle into actual usage. . . sleeveless turtlenecks, wool shorts -- I'm lookin' at you. 

My summer was punctuated by opportunity and loss.  There were beautiful, memorable nights that I got to play with or open for wonderful acts like Chris Blue and The Wallflowers, and I did some writing that feels like it's going somewhere.  I helped book some terrific acts for wonderful stages here in Utah -- I found great satisfaction in helping to bring wonderful energetic young acts to bigger venues.  And then things took a turn.  

I lost my Dad early one morning at the end of July and found myself in Illinois for a lot of August in the sad aftermath.  I've just recently begun sleeping and eating with any regularity, helping me somewhat function in a world that keeps moving forward (even when I'm not).  So many dear friends and extended family members reached out to provide comfort, food, support, stories, and various other kindnesses to my family and me...we are all so grateful for your thoughtful gestures and strength.  Grief is horrible -- perhaps something that becomes a part of you forever -- but the love and generosity that has surfaced in its wake will resonate with me for a long time, too.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Some cool events coming up here in Utah and in Illinois and other good places.  I hope I'll be able to see you here or on the road.  The music and words continue to help me make sense of the unfathomable, the mysterious, the blessings -- thank you for sharing the journey with me.

xo mb


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