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This is our life . . . these are our days<br />
This is us trying to find our way<br />
This is the love. . . this is the dream <br />
This is us, learning how to be who we are<br />
Who we are . . .&lsquo;cause this is our life<br />
<br />
<br />
This is our life, these are our friends, <br />
This is our family. . .that grows and bends<br />
This is our chance, this is our time, <br />
This is us making things to somehow leave behind <br />
What will we leave behind. . . to show that this is our life<br />
<br />
<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-style: italic;">Cause I am so thankful for each moment that we share<br />
Oh right here is everything I need<br />
I love our life, and I love you so much honey<br />
Thank you for loving me</span><br />
<br />
This is our life, straight or a mess<br />
These are our memories in progress<br />
This is our work, this is our hope <br />
This is us learning how to cope and laugh and cry<br />
It&rsquo;s all yours and mine. . . . yeah, this is our life<br />
<br />