1. Come Inside

From the recording Goodnight, Goodnight

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Come Inside (You Don&rsquo;t Know Me)<br />
Mary Beth Maziarz<br />
<br />
Have you ever been so close that it blinds you<br />
You lose your focus and the distance fades away<br />
Have you ever been so lost, and somebody finds you<br />
And brings you back your faith, well I have and...<br />
<br />
I&rsquo;ve seen you cry, I&rsquo;ve watched you sleeping<br />
No one knows you better than I do, I can&rsquo;t believe you still don&rsquo;t see me that way <br />
<br />
Oh, you don&rsquo;t know me as well as you think you do<br />
I&rsquo;ve got secrets, places that I hide<br />
You don&rsquo;t know me as well as I want you to<br />
Come inside, do you want to come insi--de, insi-de. <br />
<br />
Have you ever felt a touch change direction<br />
In an instant turn from something casual to more (I did tonight)<br />
I&rsquo;ve never felt so much affection <br />
But now this constant wondering at what&rsquo;s behind that door<br />
<br />
You&rsquo;ve held my hand, we&rsquo;ve walked for miles and miles and miles<br />
Can&rsquo;t we pretend that we&rsquo;re just meeting for the first time, and that<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
<br />
Bridge: We&rsquo;ve been the other half of each other<br />
For as long as I can remember<br />
I won&rsquo;t believe that you don&rsquo;t feel this<br />