From the recording Goodnight, Goodnight

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A Million Different Worlds<br />
<br />
A young man&rsquo;s gonna tell his folks the news tonight<br />
They&rsquo;ll put their hopes for grandkids in a box with all their fears<br />
A college girl&rsquo;s gonna take her hardest test tonight<br />
A thin blue line will tell the truth, confirming all her tears<br />
<br />
And someone just got hired for a million dollar bonus<br />
And someone&rsquo;s leaving home for somewhere safe<br />
And someone just got fired and he&rsquo;s got to tell his children<br />
That the little things they need, they&rsquo;re gonna have to wait<br />
<br />
A million different worlds going on around us<br />
A hundred different choices every moment of the day<br />
A millions different worlds going on around us<br />
XX X<br />
What&rsquo;s your&rsquo;s today / 4 bar break<br />
<br />
A boy in Massachusetts&rsquo; going back to boarding school today<br />
He doesn&rsquo;t want his dad to know he&rsquo;s scared<br />
A white haired woman prays for the daughter that she raised<br />
Making deals with God to get her spared<br />
<br />
And someone just got rescues from the fire that took their home<br />
And someone just got back their S.A.T.s<br />
Someone&rsquo;s making someone else feel better in the dark<br />
And someone found a way to make that little baby breathe<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
<br />
8 bar solo Rich <br />
<br />
Seems everybody&rsquo;s got a choice at how they&rsquo;re gonna live their lives<br />
They&rsquo;re lucky or they&rsquo;re victims or they&rsquo;re blessed<br />
And I guess it&rsquo;s easier by far to miss the wisdom where you are<br />
And think you&rsquo;d like to trade with all the rest<br />
Well they might trade with you ...just as fast<br />
<br />
8 bar solo MB<br />
<br />
Someone&rsquo;s getting married in the morning<br />
And someone&rsquo;s finally putting down those cigarettes for sure<br />
Someone&rsquo;s taking his first day off in 47 working years<br />
And someone&rsquo;s got a prom date, if he will only ask her<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
<br />