1. Wait For Me

From the recording Snowed In

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Wait For Me<br />
<br />
Christmas mornings long ago, I would wake up first<br />
See the others sleeping still in the barely dawning light<br />
I&rsquo;d quietly get up and try to tiptoe down the stairs<br />
To see what Santa brought us that magical night<br />
<br />
And then I&rsquo;d hear a little voice, calling to me there<br />
Standing in her nightgown on the very top stair<br />
<br />
She said,Wait for me, I wanna come too<br />
Wait for me, I want be with you<br />
I stopped in my tracks, turned and grabbed her hand<br />
When she said wait for me, I would wait for you<br />
<br />
Years goes by, I&rsquo;m twenty-five and coming home for the holidays<br />
A suitcase full of presents on the earliest flight<br />
My youngest sister runs to greet me, hugging her hello<br />
We rush home and she asks if she can sleep in my room tonight<br />
<br />
And when the week is over and I&rsquo;m flying back to work<br />
I see her teary wave goodbye, and hear her from the curb<br />
<br />
Saying: Wait for me, I wanna come too<br />
Wait for me, I want be with you<br />
And I turned and looked back, <br />
Thinking someday she&rsquo;ll understand<br />
But I wonder if I really want her to<br />
<br />
Can it be I&rsquo;m thirty three and raising my own family<br />
College plans and a brand new man have swept my sister away<br />
I want to tell her everything, to warn her, help her find her way,<br />
But she&rsquo;s dressed for a party and I can&rsquo;t ask her to stay<br />
<br />
As she leaves, I watch her go and think of years gone by<br />
I wonder how they disappeared and try to keep the tears inside<br />
<br />
Thinking, wait for me, I wanna come too<br />
Wait for me, I want be with you<br />
Then she turns and smiles, saying Mare don&rsquo;t wait, <br />
I got a feeling it&rsquo;ll be too late<br />
And I wonder if it already is<br />
<br />
It was only nine when she came in, a glamour girl with an silly grin, <br />
I said,&nbsp;&ldquo;You&rsquo;re home early, did it go alright?&rdquo; <br />
&ldquo;It was fun,&rdquo; she said, &ldquo;but it&rsquo;s your last night <br />
And I was hoping for some good advice. . .&rdquo; <br />
She didn&rsquo;t need to ask me twice<br />
We made a pot of tea and settled in. . . <br />
<br />
It was almost one when we slipped upstairs, <br />
I can swear the ghosts were lingering there<br />
Whispering, &ldquo;wait for me I would wait for you . . . &ldquo;<br />
<br />