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  1. Since You've Gone

From the album Snowed In

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Since You&rsquo;ve Gone<br />
<br />
After midnight, late December. . . .candles all around<br />
But nothing is the same since you&rsquo;ve gone<br />
I recall the nights so tender. . . dreaming, safe and sound<br />
Lately I&rsquo;m remembering every one<br />
<br />
I&rsquo;ve got all my favorite records playing. . . .snow is falling down<br />
Still, nothing is the same since you&rsquo;ve gone<br />
Everywhere the old familiar sayings. . . .And happy, humming crowds<br />
Am I the only one without a song?<br />
<br />
Could it be the angels saw a different love for me<br />
Could there be a sign among the stars<br />
Should I try to leave behind this sentimental scenery<br />
Would I even get that far<br />
<br />
Maybe someday I&rsquo;ll laugh about it. . . the year the holidays were blue<br />
And every snowy evening seemed too long<br />
In the wee hours of the morn I doubt it. . . my laughing days are through<br />
Cause nothing is the same since you&rsquo;ve gone<br />
No. . . . Nothing&rsquo;s been the same since you&rsquo;ve gone.<br />
<br />

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