From the recording Snowed In

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Candlelight and Mistletoe<br />
<br />
Candlelight and mistletoe, every year the visit home<br />
Passes by so quickly and too soon it&rsquo;s time to go <br />
Fold the velvet carefully, take the lights down from the tree<br />
Wrap up every ornament and pack the old nativity<br />
<br />
Every year we journey here and see the friends we used to know<br />
Funny how we move away and suddenly believe we&rsquo;re grown<br />
<br />
Candlelight and mistletoe, lights on houses down the road,<br />
Coming down like christmas trees and pretty cards hung in a row<br />
<br />
Everytime the family&rsquo;s more distant than they used to be<br />
In miles, but every heart is warm amongst the snowy scenery<br />
<br />
Candlelight and mistletoe, kisses in a warming glow<br />
Spirit makes this great old house a home<br />
With holly boughs, and candy houses, Tinsel flashes, clinking glasses <br />
Laughing, singing songs that we all know<br />
I realize it every time I go . . . There&rsquo;s no place else like home.