From the recording Snowed In

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<br />
I think tonight&rsquo;s the night<br />
He&rsquo;s gonna get down on one knee<br />
I think the mood is right<br />
And he said he&rsquo;s got a NewYear&rsquo;s Eve Surprise for me<br />
<br />
We&rsquo;re going to our favorite spot<br />
He&rsquo;s got a twinkle in his eye<br />
I bet he&rsquo;s planned a crazy plot<br />
To give my special New Year&rsquo;s Eve surprise to me<br />
<br />
Well he was saying just the other day<br />
The future wasn&rsquo;t so far away<br />
Maybe we should make a plan or two<br />
I think I&rsquo;m ready baby how bout you<br />
<br />
By the second course my hopes started to fall<br />
I wondered what was taking him so long<br />
I left to find the ladies room and to call<br />
Rosalie my friend, the romantic expert one<br />
<br />
I told her all about the speech he&rsquo;d made<br />
And that he&rsquo;d looked excited as the night went by<br />
How he had ordered us a good champagne<br />
And that he&rsquo;d worn a jacket and tie, and he hates ties<br />
<br />
She said, the clues are there I can&rsquo;t deny it<br />
He was probably waiting for you to leave<br />
You know the trendy thing&rsquo;s to have you find it<br />
He&rsquo;s probably hiding it as we speak <br />
<br />
So I returned to the table with a smile<br />
And a loving look in my eye<br />
He said, that seemed to take you quite a while<br />
I hate it when you&rsquo;re gone from my side<br />
<br />
He said I bet you&rsquo;re hoping that now&rsquo;s the time<br />
For the big surprise I promised you<br />
I&rsquo;ll be right back if you don&rsquo;t mind<br />
And you can open up our New Year&rsquo;s Eve surprise for two<br />
<br />
I started picking through the dinner rolls<br />
Searching bubbles in my champagne<br />
But when I stripped the petals off the table rose<br />
The waiter looked at me as if I were insane<br />
<br />
Then he put it on the table, a great big box <br />
With little holes cut in every side<br />
I thought now that would hold a helluva rock<br />
And that there might be a big surprise, after all<br />
<br />
He said, I think I&rsquo;m ready for a major commitment <br />
And I&rsquo;m hoping we&rsquo;re on the same page <br />
You know you&rsquo;ve got to start thinking of these things<br />
When you get to be a man of my age<br />
<br />
I&rsquo;m so in love, I must admit it<br />
I never, ever felt this way before<br />
I took the liberty to commit us<br />
To this darling labrador, I named him Jake<br />
<br />
Well now I guess a year&rsquo;s gone by<br />
Since that fateful New Year&rsquo;s night<br />
And Jakes the happy hyper apple of my eye<br />
But his Dad&rsquo;s just got, well, visitation rights<br />
<br />
Well me and Jake we make quite a pair<br />
Romantic walks every afternoon<br />
We cuddle up in my favorite chair<br />
We&rsquo;re probably still in the honeymoon phase<br />
But that&rsquo;s alright with me<br />
My little New Year&rsquo;s Eve Surprise