Valentine's Wishes

A few weekends ago, we had a beautiful concert here in Park City to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Being a fan of the idea and practice of wishing, I thought I would invite people to take part in a “wishing experience” within the show. So we set up a huge red heart in the lobby, covered it in sticky stuff, and laid out a table of markers, cool decorations, red “wish slips” of paper for people to write on. And a lot of people did!  At the end of the show, while I played “This Is Our Life,” the heart was brought up on the stage, front and center, and we all took a moment to send some good thoughts toward each other’s hopes and dreams. It was a powerful moment for me, and the audience, too, I think, as we all shared in this process of reaching toward our wishes together.

I knew that I’d have to find something to do with the wishes. I mean, they couldn’t just go in the dumpster. But there’s a lot of energy in that kind of stuff, I think, and the idea of living with it in my office or our house seems a little tricky too. So after two weeks of this beautiful huge red heart (still covered with written wishes) riding around in the back of my car, I’ve decided to give the wishes a little kiss into this new moon cycle, and share them with all of you. Please take a moment send some positive vibes toward these lovely people who were brave enough to declare their wishes to the world, and add your wishes to the list by adding a comment below. (And then YOU’LL be one of the lovely people!)

Thank you to everyone who came together to share such a special night, for the warm attention, and your generosity of spirit. I wish for your wishes to come true! (And as a side note, I still haven’t checked my Mega lotto ticket yet, so I’ll send another wish in that direction!).

Wishes from the Heart:

for my true love and I to come together.
for more time with my friends and family!
for everlasting love
that Clara-Belle enjoys her 1st run in the pasture!
that I were in a great place with no financial worries
for a happy life forever
that I could stop the rat race and start living!!! -> yippee!
that little people could rule the world!
for snow every night and sun everyday!
that the man in our lives would tone down his anger and enjoy life!!
for peace for everybody!
I got my wishes this year!
for more snow
for M. and M. to have a wonderful life together!
for continued love of good friends
for my true love to show up tomorrow
that I had a green iPod. James, age 5
for health and happiness!! to all!!
to be this in love forever!
that the tender people could feel safe.
for peace on earth!
for E. and I health and happiness together
that my boyfriend would come home!
for a safe and easy trip tomorrow.
for the chance to work hard and reap the rewards from it!
for no more wars!
for love and happiness
to be happy to be content
that Mary Beth will play at my wedding! (I thought this was a sweet one!)
for our baby to be here by June
to start a family
for no U.D.A.B.C. (Utah Department of Alcohol Bureau Control — or something close…)
for tolerance and respect
to be my best for those I care about.
for the soul to create more. . .
for my family to live long.
for intimacy and love
for a horse.
for complete, abundant, prosperous, joyous, loving, healthy success for M!
that K’s and my relationship lasts forever.
for sunshine in Summit Park
to build a beautiful and affordable home easily!
for true love always and forever!
for a world of Open Hearts!
that there would be PEACE ON EARTH — no wars
for a Happy Birthday song to B.H.
that lots of people come to MB’s concert and they all have a great time! (thanks!)
for love, joy, and happiness in the lives of my family, friends, and ME!
for a life full of family and adventure!
that we’ll still be together next Valentine’s Day!
for world peace and understanding!!
for my great-grandma to stay alive.

I’m so struck by how universal our wishes are. I think I’ve wished almost all of these at some time in my life. (The eleven year old me was really grooving on the wish “for a horse,” btw.) I am moved and inspired by these wishes and they will live on in all of you who read them and share the same hopes.

I am thankful for so much today, but mostly for:
1. My fantastic supporters and friends who helped with the show — Randy, Mark, Sofia, Ted, Cathy, Shea, Jim & Billie, Ed, Patrice, Sam, Jessica, Jenny, Dana, Joslyn, Margaux, Aaron, Joel, Craig, Ori, Matt J., Alicia K., the RSF gang, Jen and Kerry and the girls, and all the people who made extraordinary efforts to come to the Valentine’s Wish show. You guys are the best!
2. Beautiful new pale blue-green candles (and on SALE too!) from the Spotted Frog
3. A gorgeous afternoon out Cross Country skiing today
4. The wonderful conversation and evening with Keith and Rose-Lee last week
5. The Jin Patisserie and Abbot’s Pizza in Venice, California. Something for her, something for him. Delightful!
6. Travelling with no checked bags. ROCK ON!
7. Laughing so hard that my tea was coming out my nose at breakfast with Paul at the Farmer’s Market.
8. The new song I wrote today called “This Too Shall Pass”
9. Sunshine sunshine sunshine!
10. That good feeling in your muscles when you’re tired from physical activity instead of stress.
11. The nice guy from PC Lock and Key who let me back into my car when I was locked out today like a doofus.
12. The excellent zenlike state that’s brought about by being locked out of your car (with your phone inside).

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