Three Minutes

Oh MAN! I’m so bummed…! I just spent an hour crafting a long, hopefully meaningful blog entry here, and some crazy computer thing just happened and now it’s gone! Crap!

The gist was this:

It’s the new moon…an excellent time to sow new seeds, begin new endeavors, pour great energy into exciting adventures.

The next 48 hours are a really powerful time to BEGIN THINGS. So if you’ve been waiting, or hesitating, or wondering about a new venture, take this little blog entry as a sign. Do it. Just start it. Please don’t wait any longer. If you have a desire to bring something into this world, that desire is leading you somewhere important. Please do it. Start it right now. Make the call, get on the web, write a list of tasks, pull out that business card that you’ve had in the drawer for too long, and email somebody who could help. The starting feels the hardest, but things begin moving quickly after the first step.

Tell yourself you’re only going to spend 3 minutes on it, if you’re still hesitating. THREE MINUTES. And if that’s all you can spare today, that’s okay. But then give it 3 minutes tomorrow too. And the next day. Bring your dreams to life. You KNOW you can do it. You’ve secretly known it much longer than you would consciously admit. It’s TIME.

Be the person who does the thing that everybody else just talks about.
That can be YOU.
And someday you can trace it back to today.

Let me know how it goes. . .

5 Things I’m Thankful For Today:
1. Suzanne’s great positive energy that stays with me for days
2. A hopeful, happy outlook for the year ahead
3. Oprah. I love her show. ! It’s so good!
4. A good, hard workout that leaves you a little heady
5. The beautiful Christmas lights we put up at the Daly house today

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