"This Is Our Life" on Everwood last night

Last night, a beautiful show came to an end. I felt a lot of connection to the show. My friend Greg Berlanti brought it to life and it’s filmed here in Utah, they’ve used some of my music in the past. And it just feels real.

I’m sad to see it go. There’s not a lot of television that works in the depths and levels that Everwood has. And the characters have so much more to them than the buffed bodies of so many other shows directed toward people in their teens and twenties. Characters who think. Characters who worry about things worth worrying about.

“This Is Our Life” was used over a montage of Delia’s bat mitzvah…it felt like the film and music had been made to go together. Beautiful. I felt so honored to be part of these last great moments of the show.

Thanks for watching, thanks for writing me about it or leaving messages on myspace, and thanks for sharing some really good final moments of a great television show.

We’ll miss you, Everwood.


5 Things I’m Thankful For Today:
1. The moving, beautiful usage last night on Everwood.
2. Music supervisors! They rock!
3. Our first lovely dinner out on the deck last night.
4. The lilacs blooming everywhere — and the discovery of Linden trees…umm!
5. The roomy, perfect, handmade wooden desk that Mark made for me for my new office.

For more thoughts on “This Is Our Life”, visit my blog about it from 8/23/05. Thanks!

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