Opening for Etta James

Last night was A—MAZing! My opener gig for Etta James was such a blast…I can’t believe that I was given such an incredible opportunity and that it went so wonderfully…! Thousands of people in the seats and on the lawn at Deer Valley…a perfect night…looking out at so many familiar and lovely faces…all I can say is ‘wow.’

I had the boys with me (Joel Stevenett on drums and Craig Poole on bass) and they rocked! It was a tight little trio and felt just perfect….well, I missed my girls Joslyn and Margie and the love that they bring to the songs, but it was still great, and I got to look out and see them having a great time in the audience.

And Ms. Etta….! Whoa!! Unbelievable! Everybody dancing right in front of the stage, her kickin’ band!, she’s a rockstar! (Truly!). Bringin’ it in a HUGE way, looking gorgeous and sounding amazing! She KILLED.

Thanks to all the great people who came up to say hello or get CDs signed or to send kudos to the band… and to all the crew, volunteers, and Mark and Patrice for helping people find the right cds for their music collections!….and to the Park City Performing Arts Foundation and Ideasphere, who put on the show and invited us to be a part of it. Today I’m off to play the Farmer’s Market in Salt Lake City…ah, a cozy, mellow gig (it might hit 138 degrees, but other than that, should be a kick) and then to chill with my honey until tomorrow’s show with Doug Wintch at Miner’s Park in Park City. A triple header weekend…! I’m a little hoarse from “whoo-hoo!ing” at Ms. James last night, but we’ll have a great time anyway.


p.s. Since a dozen people asked, the sparkly top I was wearing was DKNY. Glad to help!

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