More Good Things

One of the chapters I'm working on for my upcoming book highlights the power of gratitude and good-vibe lists as a tool for increasing your creative flow and pulling out of resistance, funks.   I believe the lists we keep define us in some way or another.  

Here's mine from today.  

Good things:  
Wordle's Word Cloud program that arranges text in graphic, cool ways
Time Balm concealer from Sephora
Jill's exciting writing project for Moms
Gincy's GrandDad's eggnog
(and...Christmas parties that supply babysitters in the basement)
Dena's sweet package of darling outfits for Daisy
The Mission soundtrack
The as-seen-on-TV Tobi steamer -- it works!
Flannel sheets 
Whisky class at Coopers on Friday -- turns out I'm not the single malt girl I imagined.  And Scotch can taste like ash.
My Amazon Kindle and the forty-some book samples I have on it at the moment
Jason's new project (Shrek - The Musical) that opened this weekend on Broadway
Fun iPhone apps that make the camera better
A full 'House M.D.' folder on Tivo
Being in touch with old friends through Facebook, some I haven't seen since h.s. graduation
Sparkly diamond earrings (okay... "diamonique")
Feeling inspired to write a (sad) song about Christmas
White chocolate lattes
February getaway plans
Very nice parents and in-laws
Recovering stock prices (I can imagine good things, as well as experience them)
Daisy's exploding verbal skills, today:  purse!  bat-tub!  pee-low!  socks!  bock-ly!  stawby!  owside!  
Great Thai food
Feeling like there's plenty of everything -- money, time, energy, delight, inspiration
Excellent snow tires
Progress on the house -- getting things done!  yay!
An unexpected day to write
Hotel-like new drapes that block out the morning sun
Caring counsel from my professional colleagues
Mom friends who admit they'd like to take a holiday ride on "The Vodka Express"
The visual thesaurus website/program
Amy Poehler on SNL.  We'll miss you, Amy.
Being all caught up.   with anything.
LipFusion lipgloss in Blush
Seeing Sarah the other night so healthy and happy
Cool delicious water when I'm thirsty
Seat warmers in the Outback

Darkness when I'm tired
Brightness when I seek clarity
Quiet when I'm overwhelmed
Flow when I can put it into form
Connection when I'm lonely
Opportunity when I'm ready
Generosity when I need it, or can give it
Perspective when I'm distraught
Peace, wherever I can find it, every day

Thank you for the Good Things you all bring to me, share with me.  


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