Looking for stories for my book...

Hello there, creative folks and artists --

I've been working on a book for a while now about creativity and the Law of Attraction.  It's been a lot of fun and very exciting, but fairly solitary (except for the nice people who work in the coffee places or libraries where I tend to write).  I'd love to have you, my community, become involved if you're interested.  

If you have a story about how you successfully applied the Law of Attraction to a facet of your creative work, I'd love to consider it for an artist profile in the book.  The most helpful way to break it down would be to briefly share:

1) what wasn't working
2) what you did / what approaches you specifically used
3) what happened

That's all there is to it.  If it feels like it might be a good fit for the project, I'll be in touch for some more details.  

OR, if you saw "The Secret" or have read some of the other Law of Attraction materials out there, maybe you've tried to apply some LOA techniques and not had the results you hoped for.  In this case, please send me your questions about your specific situation, and I'll see I can work it into the Q&A section of the book.

Thanks everybody -- I'm already looking forward to hearing your stories!
Best wishes, 


Five Things I'm Thankful For Today:

1) Mark's Mom and Dad being so wonderfully helpful with Daisy. 
2) The Daly house feeling so warm and snuggly.
3) Our penne-with-vodka-sauce dinner that is going to be awesome, I think
4) My cute, cozy new black turtleneck 
5) The sweet movies we took of Daisy on Thanksgiving
6) That Mark's movie will premiere at the Local's Short Film Festival at the Jim Santy on Wednesday night.  It's free!

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