Juicy Parts

 Hi everybody,

Alas…I’m remiss! Have you ever kept a regular journal, only to notice that if you go back and reread it, the really juicy parts of your life are all missing…because you’re too busy and consumed at the moment to write and reflect about it?

Well, that’s kind of where I am, folks. Life is good, and hectic, and exciting, and full — and I haven’t been writing or reflecting nearly enough. So…hellooooooo.

The good news is that lots of stuff is happening. I’ve had several of my songs appearing in new tv shows over the last several weeks — including FIVE songs on a show called “Beautiful People” on ABC Family — and a number of other projects are in the works. I’m talking with some great people to find new outlets for my songs, have had the honor of sharing my “Wish” album with the top figure skaters in the world at the “Smart Ones Skate America” Event last month, and went to a couple great music conferences where I got to meet and hang out with awesome emerging and established writers and performers. And several friends are having some amazing opportunities, and doing great things with them! which is fantastic and affirming, as we all work toward fulfillment and empowerment in this tricky business of art.

And “Wish” is going so well. People are sending on such warm responses to it and such enthusiastic comments.

Here’s one from J:

“i L.O.V.E. it!!!!!! i know i’m a bit biased, but i was truly impressed. although i own and love all of your albums, this is my favorite. it’s so different and new and funky and fun and romantic and relaxing and sing-alongable. seriously, amazing. m and i both think so. we’ve listened to it at least 19 times and say out loud, “we know her. we heard her sing this one last year!” we’re proud. job well done!”

How blessed I feel that people feel inspired to share such bright and kind words about the work with me…after all, how many people do wonderful work with great care and attention, but never receive this kind of affirmation? Let’s all write a fan letter to someone who doesn’t get them very often (or ever). Like your awesome sixth grade teacher. Track her/him down. Or your Mom. Or your pastor. Or your favorite local volunteer DJ. Someone whose work makes a difference in your life who might now know it. I bet it would be powerful thing! Think of how happy you could make someone in their little corner of the world!

I am so happy in this corner of the world because of the kind words you offer. Thank you to all of you who share your thoughts and ideas about the music with me. My life is much more juicy because of YOU!

Life is great.

I’m thankful:
1. That it’s Mark’s birthday and he’s happy, healthy, and everything else he is.
2. For this crisp, cold, beautiful bluebird day
3. For generous & thoughtful birthday gifts, cards, and calls for my birthday last week
4. For Marla’s organizational and feng shui help yesterday
5. For lovely rocks that make beautiful walls

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