Good Things

It’s 2:08 a.m. and I have had a crazy busy day (week? quarter?), so hectic that I can barely think. I’m totally exhausted from today’s training session at the gym, hour of email, tv interview, (lovely) lunch with Hillary, phonetag with Mark who’s in Chicago for Jimmy’s Mom’s funeral, errands for Daly, gas fillup, three hour vocal rehearsal, and writing my life story for a women’s project. AND since I finally had to face the fact that my “eighteen scraps of paper and writing things on my HAND” program for keeping track of my life was not working, all these items now exist on paper in my planner. Yikes, a planner. Wow. I’m apparently a grown up now. With a big fat red leather planner. Without which I can barely remember my name. Hmm.

(To my dear non-English speaking friends who read this, I’m so sorry. I’m sure the translation programs are going to really do a number on my slang-ridden text tonight. . . )

Since I’m punchy and have to be up again in precious few hours, I just wanted to write a quick blog about all the little good things that make life so much more delightful.

Like Kiehl’s Creme-with-Silk-Groom hair stuff, or their Silk Straightener blow drying cream. Unbelievable stuff. Silky, shiny hair, here you come! Or LipFusion lip gloss that IS more than I’d prefer to spend on lipgloss but is also amazing.

Like the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas where we just spent a few great days. And their magnificent linens. Damn I love good sheets. Roses come and go, but great sheets are romantic forever.

Like a nice glass of white wine (Alsace region is a favorite lately) and something nice to eat with it, like some almonds and apricot stilton. Umm.

Like singing with Joslyn and Margeaux and feeling the harmonies as much as hearing them. You guys remind me all the time why I love to do this. Thank you.

Like all the people who are helping with the Valentine’s Wish show on Sunday night. So generous with their time and efforts — I’m so thankful.

Like the little tin containers that I ordered off the internet that I’m finding a hundred different uses for, but mostly am filling with a zillion different spices.

Like a really good kiss, a narrow escape, a supportive friend, a productive day.

Or like a good night’s sleep. !

Goodnight everybody. I promise to sound more coherent on my next post.
love, mb

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