Deeper Love

There is a depth in everything. Sometimes the depth is in the core essence, sometimes in the hidden side, the shadow side. Sometimes it’s the history, or the untold stories of all the people involved. But I continually find as I look at moments, situations, people, comments, I always seem to discover that there is more to it than I ever know instantly.

Still, we must move along at a decent clip. Chop, chop! The world’s a busy, fast paced place. And people like Malcolm Gladwell hypothesize in fascinating books like “Blink” that there are many things that we take in almost instantly … much faster than we should be able to, and we’re usually right about the ’snap’ judgements we make. In other words: when our ‘conscious mind’ stays out of the way, our instinctual self gives us the goods.

Love works exactly in support of both sides of this story. I think in love, we almost ALWAYS feel something about a person we’ll be in love with someday. Carolyn Myss would call it ‘animation’ — I might call it ‘carbonation’ — but whether frustration, attraction, interest, delight, or dislike, I think you feel SOMETHING when you first intersect with a person who will be important to you. And yet there must be something deeper to draw you in. A love affair can’t subsist on instant chemistry forever — at least one of mine can’t — so we trawl for depth. We find it in something that transports us from the ‘regularness’ of today. . So we look in history. Or the confidence of new, mutual connection. Or more spontaneous, uninhibited actions…other sides of ourselves that we’ve forgotten or neglected. Or long, involved conversations. Or thrilling sex. Or making things. And our regular today fills with significance. And life is suddenly amazing again, buzzing. Carbonated even.

So here we are at “Deeper Love.”

Does love have to be deep to matter? Does it have to last a long time to mean something?

What does it mean to be “in deep” when it comes to love?

Is it ever good for love to NOT be deep?

If someone tells you they want a deeper love, what does that mean to you? Can you give it to them, or do they need to find it themselves?

How have you ever been transported by deep love? What form did it take?

Does depth in love have more to do with character or desire?

Would you “rather be alone than give up real chemistry?”

Would you rather be with someone you don’t love than be alone?

What does it mean to be alone?

Can you have everything you want in one relationship?

5 Things I’m Thankful For Today:
1. Chet and Lillian’s nice visit this weekend
2. An excellent massage yesterday
3. The beautiful new flowers at the 24 Daly house
4. Ennio Morricone’s The Mission soundtrack, as played by YoYo Ma. Gorgeous.
5. That I can share info and ideas with other artists, like Junior and Faith

Have a great week ahead!

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