In continuance of our succinct singer-ly socratic dialogue here, I’ll provide more poetic points to ponder. Hmm. Fun with alliteration. . .

What does it mean to you to be loved “just right”? Are we ever loved just right?

Can we love the ones we love any better than we do? If we can, why don’t we?

What kind of love makes you lose your senses?

Is that rush of new infatuation a different universe of sorts? Does it have its own rules?

Is it ever dangerous to be in love like that? Is it ever good for you? Do you recognize it at the time, or later?

Where is the line between being loved ‘just right’ and being loved too much?

What has to be present inside us to be able to love better and better?

Can loving someone better make you a better person?

Why does passion sometimes make us reckless? Is it worth it?

Does true love always change you in some way?

Can someone really meet all our basic needs? If so, for how long?

Well there we are for today. Hope you have a better day than you even imagined!

5 Things I’m Thankful For Today:
1. The fun evening at BBKing last night with great people
2. My “sick eggs” breakfast this morning. (I’m not sick, it’s a childhood thing…)
3. That my Ipod shuffle rocks my workout
4. Good sleep
5. Great support from the newspaper, tv, and radio press

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