Back In the Saddle...

Well, hello...!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down and put some thoughts’s so nice to find a moment to reflect on the last year of life, music, and people. It’s been busy here at Chez Maziarz.  Lots of photos, music, and friends, as usual, but more strikingly, Daisy entered our lives last spring in a flurry of excitement, fascination, and change.  She’s darling and hilarious and brought with her a flood of creative energy. While her little four-month-old self learned to roll over, sit up, and play, I wrote my first children’s music album for a new animated kids series called “Crab Cove.”  I’m psyched with how fun it turned out.  I hope those of you who have little kids in your life will check it out (and I hope they’ll rock out!).  I’ll keep you posted on when the DVDs and CD will be released (should be soon this summer).

You’ll also notice my new site.  The old one -- bless it’s heart, as Bruce would say -- limped along sadly for far too long without the love and care it needed.  My forum became overgrown with p*rn, Rx ads, and who knows what else, the links got dusty and occasionally broken, and I just never seemed able to keep up with making sure shows, blogs, and photos were regularly updated.  Well the good news is that I’m now working on a Mac (back to my creative computing ROOTS!) and I feel a lot more able to pop on and be in touch.  Thank you to all of you who have written. It’s my pleasure to be back.

Blog note:  Many of you may notice that the hundreds of comments that accompanied the blog entries in the past are no longer attached here...I'm so sorry, but it was not possible to move them over with the entries when we shifted to the new site and blog engine.  Your comments mean the world to me, and I have been so inspired and uplifted by them over the years.  Please come comment like crazy here on the new site so that your ideas can reach new people in a new time.  Thank you again, and I look forward to your forthcoming remarks!

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