Back and Ready to Rock

Ah yes…well…the blog. It appears that while waiting for the cds to arrive, I had all the time in the world to wax poetic about the red and blue states of creativity, discuss the fine points of being a productive member of the songwriting world, and to sashay down memory lane to examine what I’ve hopefully learned from squidgy moments of my past. But alas…the cds arrived, life took a turn toward the insanely task-filled, and I’ve neglected our little online venue here. I apologize.

But now I’m back. Still working within the confines of three-notebook-page lists of things to accomplish each day, but excited that all is well and “WISH” is finding its way beautifully into the world. Already hundreds of people have ordered and purchased the record, and I’m so thrilled at the responses so far. I’m feeling really good about our sales goal for the first 30 days being reached, perhaps even early. Thank you to all of you who’ve ordered from here on the site.

Today I was in a bookstore and my cd was playing when I walked in. I mellowly soaked in the surreal sense of knowing every nuance of the atmospheric music until “Goin’ On” came on and I couldn’t help but groove out just a little bit. (I wasn’t like grinding the cardrack or anything; just some rocking back and forth and toe tapping, probably). A 17 year old clerk asked the other 17 year old clerk “who is this?” And as she told him my name, I couldn’t stand the suspense of whether he was admiring the music or not, so I turned around and said “it’s me.” He was very sweet and polite, and a little flustered; I still don’t know whether he was really digging it or just got busted, but it was a funny moment either way. And “Wish” is apparently selling like hotcakes there. So, sweet!

5 Things I’m Thankful for Today:
1. That my music is playing when I walk into public places. Strange, but cool.
2. That I got a long, newsy letter from Peter filling me in.
3. That our concert on Sunday was *so much fun* and that our audience was so wonderful.
4. That I’m hearing from old friends and fans that I haven’t been in touch with in too long.
5. That I feel so much support about “Wish.” Thank you everybody!

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