LEVEL II: "Idol Camp": TEEN Songwriting & Performance Week-long Camp

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Weilenmann School of Discovery, Auditorium Stage, Park City UT

All skill and experience levels welcome. Mon-Fri, July 25–29, 10am- 4pm. $400. Ages 13 and up

Many kids today emulate "American Idol"-type rock and pop stars, and that's great -- it's a fun glamorous vibe! But there are also a whole lot of talented young poets, garage jammers, bedroom tiktok-ers, and shy singer-songwriters...if so, it's time for them to know that there is a place for ALL kinds of writers and performers -- they just need to find the one that's right for them.

This week-long camp is a great way for teenage singers/writers/players to get a strong foundation (or to expand their knowledge and experience) as they explore their musical interest in a supportive, fun environment. We'll cover foundational elements of songwriting structure, lyrics, and melody, as well as how to deal with stagefright or self-consciousness while performing -- even if they're playing just for themselves or their friends! There will also be opportunities for partnering, tips on how to start getting gigs and publicity, and plenty of ways to try out strategies for sharpening writing and performance skills. They'll leave with a much fuller understanding of what strengths are most important, how to hone their existing skills, and how to move forward on their musical journeys!

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