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Autumn rocks.  (As Paul says, "it's my season.")  And with this year's longer-than-usual mild fall,  WE ARE GETTIN' STUFF DONE.
We've been working on projects in the yard, we're letting Willow the bunny hop around all over us in the grass, and we've had s'mores outside with only light jackets on.  
I'm digging the chill in the air, the weight of a thick cotton sweater, the happy place of root vegetables on my plate... And now the election's over, so THAT negative distraction can hopefully transform into meaningful progress somewhere.  AND daylight savings has us waking up a little easier.  Life is good!

And now you're here!  This is the music site for Mary Beth Maziarz -- thanks for coming by!  

We've got details on events, pics, blogs, and links to your fave social sites (below).
There are also always fun concerts in the works, too.  If you'd like to be involved
with planning or helping to promoting a show in your area (or even hosting a concert
in your home or at a venue near you
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If you'd like more information on Mary Beth's new book,
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Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you soon!  

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